Her velvety hot chilli chocolate seduced me, her cornmeal porridge comforted me, her hot peppers thrilled me, her uses of bay, nutmeg and plantain intrigued me…
My obvious and enthusiastic appreciation for her cooking made her want to please me even more, I licked my fingers and she smiled…
I baked cakes and treats, showering her with sweet sugar loving…

I bake with precision, she creates with abandon…Together we make love with food.

When we first fell in love we quickly realized we were communicating that love through food.

That first flush of love was regularly fed and continued to grow. Now we are married and hoping to be feeding a baby sometime soon.

We’ve settled into an easy rhythm of nurturing each other, and of course feeding each other remains an intrinsic way of showing how we feel. As well as cooking for each other, we cook for friends and family and they love to share our recipes too.

She’s from the Caribbean, so is especially brilliant with spice, chilli, French & African style cooking. I’m from New Zealand and have learnt old-school baking from 3 generations of brilliant home cooks. We live in rural New Zealand on a big block of land near the sea with organic permaculture fruit and vegetable gardens, fish easily available and an excellent weekly farmers market nearby. I’m pescetarian, (I eat seafood and fish but no meat), she’s not. We try and be gluten free as much as possible.

Our names are reminiscent of the words Joyous and Crocodile, so we label our gifts: Joyous-Crocodile.

We hope you like our recipes and enjoy this insight into how we make love with food..